Animal Advocates is fully licensed to rehabilitate small mammals for the California Department of Fish & Game. Small mammals includes coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, foxes, skunks, opossums, chipmunks, ground/tree/flying squirrels, rats, mice, moles, voles, gophers, bats... We also have a permit for educational exhibit wildlife. We may exhibit wildlife to the public. We do not rehab protected bird species or large mammals such as elk, deer, bears or mountain lions. We follow all CADFG rules and regulations. 

Animal Advocates has an LA City Wildlife permit. Our facility is legally zoned for wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation. We also have a USDA exhibitors permit, CADFG trapping permit and euthanasia certification. We offer CADFG accredited classes in small mammal rehabilitation. We have free online manuals for rehabbers only in small mammal rehabilitation. We never advocate wildlife as pets. It is illegal to have wildlife as pets in California. We give information on long term care for legal unreleasable animals only. We do not break the law ever.

We follow all CADFG, USDA, LA City, LA County...rules and regulations. We do not show rehab animals to the public. We cannot give live tours of our rehab facility but we can show our educational, exhibit animals to the public. We do not allow domestic animals near our rehab animals. Educational animals may be near domestic animals and the public but the public may never touch an educational animal.

Animal Advocates and Mary Cummins have never been investigated by any agency for any violations or crimes of any type. Mary Cummins has passed numerous Department of Justice background checks to work with abused children, have her professional licenses, attend the Police Academy and have a firearms permit. She has a perfectly clean criminal record. If anyone states anything to the contrary, they are committing slander and/or libel, defamation.

Everything posted in this website is the absolute truth and factual to the best of our ability. We write about issues of public concern. Animal Advocates and Mary Cummins are media figures having written hundreds of articles on wildlife, non-profits, the environment, public figures, limited public figures... If you see an error, please email us sending proof that it is an error. If it is an error, we will happily edit or delete the item. This website does not give cookies. We retain no personal information from viewers. There are no ads on this website.