Animal Education

Bringing people face to face with real animals is the best way to inspire people in conservation. Animal Advocates provides animal education to the public and also Fish & Game rehabilitators. You can find us at local animal events, shelters, and city meetings. We can also go and do a presentation at your school, private group or neighborhood meeting. We teach people about our urban wildlife and do humane wildlife control presentations. We have live exhibit animals; opossum, squirrel and skunk. They are in cages with clear acrylic around the sides of the cages to prevent children from poking their fingers into the cages. We also can take them out but people are not allowed to hold them as they are not pets. We are licensed exhibitors with Fish & Game and USDA. Here are some photos from some events. 

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Here is a copy of our flyer which we hand out at events.

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We also offer California Department of Fish & Game small mammal classes a few times a year.


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