Help us help animals

We always need your help helping animals. Would you like to foster a mother cat or dog and their kittens or puppies in your home? Do you have experience with orphaned kittens and dogs? What about an injured animal? Would you like to work with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and help us with orphaned and sick wildlife? Maybe you know how to hammer a nest box or sew a hammock or you have a backyard where we can release some rehabilitated squirrels? If so, we'd LOVE your help. Email us at 

  We of course could also use donations. If you would like to offer financial assistance, you can paypal us by clicking this button

and we will send you a tax deductible receipt as we are a non-profit organization. You can also mail us a check to Animal Advocates, 359 N. Sweetzer Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048. 

  We could also use some items donated if you happen to have them laying around. These are some items that we need.

  CATS/DOGS - towels, old blankets, newspaper, cat/kitten dog/puppy food wet & dry, toys, brushes, cages, carriers, syringes for feeding, bottles, food bowls, beds, kitten and puppy formulas...

  SQUIRRELS - old sheets, blankets, soft material, toys, carriers, tall bird/ferret cages, small food bowls, newspaper, syringes, Esbilac puppy formula, nest boxes, hammocks. Squirrel food - avocados, butter nut squash, unsalted raw nuts, seeds, apples, carrots, grapes, apple sauce, tomatoes. Do you have a fruit tree in your yard that leaves fruit all over the ground? Call us and we'll come and pick it up happily (in the LA area.)

  If you think we could use your help in other ways, please let us know at Thanks so much!


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